CASH Selling (Nidhi)

Professional, step by step approach to selling products, services or ideas to all levels & types of Clients - individuals or organizations.

Videos: 4
Expected Time Span: 1 hours
Languages: English

Last Updated: April 26, 2021

The program has been developed through research findings of highly successful salespeople and they behaviours theydisplay to enhance sales revenues or sell their ideas across effectively.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the different Customers
  • Gain information from them effectively
  • Understand their NEEDS (which is the main reason you will be able to sell)
  • Lead them to make a favorable and informed decision
  • Be more successful in selling
  • Stand out as an exceptional example
  • Gain satisfaction in being able to help your Customers
  • Generate more revenue for your company & more Income for yourself


Our Program focuses on:

  • Building rapport & a long term relationship
  • Uncover Client Needs effectively and quickly
  • Build needs into desire for action
  • Advocate urgency to make changes immediately

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  • CASH Selling by Nidhi Vadhera - session 1
  • CASH Selling by Nidhi Vadhera - session 2
  • CASH Selling by Nidhi Vadhera - session 3
  • CASH Selling by Nidhi Vadhera - session 4
To purchase at corporate rate of HK$1,872.00/seat with live follow-up coaching sessions. Please contact us. (Corporate rates require a minimum of 10 seats in a single purchase) US$1≈HK$7.75. Exchange rates are for reference only.


Nidhi Vadhera

Associate Trainer - India

Nidhi has over 15 years as a Learning & Development professional in India. With exposure to diverse markets, she harnesses the diversity to offer solutions that are relevant & specific to organizations & teams. Her passion for training helps key clients build and strengthen their greatest assets - their people!



Skills in This Course

  • Selling Skills
  • Uncovering Client Needs
  • Closing Sales