Influencing without Authority

People do not like to be told what to do and even less being told that their way is not correct. So How do we influence people without offending them? It is becoming an increasingly important competency required in Managers & Leaders

Videos: 4
Expected Time Span: 1.2 hours
Languages: English

Last Updated: February 1, 2021

The Program will cover the following:

  • Understanding what Influencing is
  • Adopting a different approach to different styles of people
  • Understanding what those styles are
  • Using the Cialdini 6-step approach
  • Motivating for action and results
  • Understanding factors that create a challenging the skills / packaging our wordings

What you will learn:

  • Be more successful in conveying your ideas clearly
  • Influence people effectively
  • Build and strengthen long term relationships
  • Gain respect and loyalty

Who this course is for:

Managers, leaders and Salespeople who need to influence people around them - internally or externally


Our Program focuses on:

  • Trying out the skills in real life
  • Strengthen and fine tuning existing skills
  • Learning new skills – new concepts
  • Understanding people better
  • Enhancing your persona – gain more respect

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  • Influencing without Authority - session 1
  • Influencing without Authority - session 2
  • Influencing without Authority - session 3
  • Influencing without Authority - session 4
To purchase at corporate rate of HK$1,872.00/seat with live follow-up coaching sessions. Please contact us. (Corporate rates require a minimum of 10 seats in a single purchase) US$1≈HK$7.75. HK$ 1≈INR 0.094. Exchange rates are for reference only.


Raju Sajnani

Lead Trainer - Asia-Pacific

With over 30 years in the training industry, 19 of which running his own consulting business, Raju has worked with many high profile clients including, China Telecom, Swiss Re, ARROW Electronics, SWIFT, Siemens and many more.

Skills in This Course

  • Convince others to follow your way without creating conflicts and make people want to follow you